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I have another dumb question...but I think it's the last one before I can finalize my family emergency plan and pass off Level 1 because I saved step 2 for last...

What is the point of the Family Emergency Messages page? Who is actually supposed to see who is authorized to enter my home, care for my kids, etc.? It says it can be placed with the Emergency Signal Card or in a secret family location...but who would be looking for it and why?

Adrienne Everitt
Adrienne Everitt
Mar 06, 2023

Thank you, both! I definitely understood why it's important to have these things figured out--and I've previously talked to my neighbors who are authorized to enter my house and even have a spare key, etc.--but wasn't sure why or how someone would be looking for this particular page. So this was so helpful! (I mean, I filled it out regardless, but I definitely want the deeper understanding of why and how things work, too!) Thanks!! And now I'm ready to go pass off Level 1! Woo hoo!



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