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Last night when my six-year-old said our family prayer, he included this: "Thank you that we have an emergency plan so that we can be safe" and afterwards gave me the sweetest smile. It was such a sweet moment! ❤️ Trying to fit this into an already busy life was hard, but that just made it totally worth it. Even if we never have to use our emergency plan (and I hope we don't), knowing my kids feel safe and prepared is just awesome. Thank you for all of the effort that has gone into this and for all of the resources and answering all of my questions! (Get ready for more cuz I'm starting Level 2, lol)

Stephanie Ashcraft

Adrienne this is so sweet. This is what it's all about. Finding the peace in preparedness is the best part! And as always, keep the questions coming!


I have another dumb question...but I think it's the last one before I can finalize my family emergency plan and pass off Level 1 because I saved step 2 for last...

What is the point of the Family Emergency Messages page? Who is actually supposed to see who is authorized to enter my home, care for my kids, etc.? It says it can be placed with the Emergency Signal Card or in a secret family location...but who would be looking for it and why?

Adrienne Everitt
Adrienne Everitt
Mar 06, 2023

Thank you, both! I definitely understood why it's important to have these things figured out--and I've previously talked to my neighbors who are authorized to enter my house and even have a spare key, etc.--but wasn't sure why or how someone would be looking for this particular page. So this was so helpful! (I mean, I filled it out regardless, but I definitely want the deeper understanding of why and how things work, too!) Thanks!! And now I'm ready to go pass off Level 1! Woo hoo!


This might be a dumb question, but where's a good place to get road maps? I want to have some in my car in case we have to evacuate and I can't access Google maps, but I don't even know where to find maps anymore. Anyone know a good place?

Definitely not a dumb question! I agree that looking online is a great place to start. Rand McNally is a trusted, quality brand and they have versions that are state-specific as well as national (side bonus is that kids tend to love looking at maps while on road trips - hopefully it can be a developed hobby for them to know how to read and understand maps!).


Planning for a house fire is probably first up on my list...and this morning, I had a chance to talk to a firefighter for a few minutes, and he shared his two biggest tips he shares with people:

  1. Have a smoke detector in EVERY room. He said most people have 2 or 3 in their whole house but having one in each room makes a big difference.

  2. Sleep with your doors closed. He said if the interior doors are open, a fire can spread from one end of the house to the other in THREE minutes...but if those doors are closed, it takes more like 25-40 minutes for it to burn through the doors and spread across the house, which gives you a whole lot more time to get out!

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