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WEB Resources

This is a list of web resources to help in your preparations. 

This is not an official endorsement of any product or website. was created by the Church for this very purpose. This site has excellent information on food storage preparation, financial preparations, emergency communications, and much much more.

CERT Classes Online CERT classes

Be ready Utah Utah’s emergency preparedness website

Springville Emergency Preparedness Springville’s emergency preparedness website

Springville CERT Classes are held twice a year, typically March-April and September-November. They are usually on Thursday evenings. Depending on the week they may be held in Mapleton or Springville. Attending all six classes and watching about 10 hours of online videos are required for certification. The cost is $25 per person or $40 per couple

Red Cross  Red Cross’ emergency page The federal government’s emergency preparedness page

Springville’s city drill A link to Springville’s 2022 emergency preparedness drill

Area Temporal Preparedness Guide: Utah

72 hour Kits

Basic Kit

Water -

               Water bottle 16oz (4)

               Aqua Tabs (6) water purification tabs

Food -

               Protein Bars (6)

               Granola Bars (6)

               Trail Mix (6)

               Life Savers Candy

Protection -

               Rain Poncho

               Emergency blanket

Fuel & Light -

               Flashlight and batteries

               Waterproof matches in case


Personal Supplies -

               Hand Sanitizer

               Toilet Paper

               Moist towelettes (10)

               Garbage bag (2) Heavy Duty

               Garbage bag regular (5) for toilet waste

Equipment -


               Face mask (2)

               N95 Mask

               Pen & Paper

               Local Maps

Clothing –

               Long sleeved shirt



               Socks (2)



Other –


Important family documents (hard copies or on flash drive)


Phone Charger

Feminine Supplies

Personal hygiene


If you want to go above and beyond... 

Water -

               Water Purifier

Protection -

               Tube tent

               Paracord 50'

Communication -

               Hand Crank radio - with USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your phone

Fuel & Light -

               Solar Flashlight with USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your phone

Equipment -


               Duct Tape


               First Aid Kit

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