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I'm just getting started with this, and I'm excited but also a little overwhelmed by all of the I decided I'm just going to ask lots of questions, even if they seem dumb.

Doing a family emergency plan is something that has been a hang up for me in the past as I've been trying to become more prepared so I was a little bummed to see that's step 2 and it's tripping me up again!

I haven't had a chance to dig into all of the materials yet, so maybe these are answered in there, but here are a couple of questions I have as I'm getting started...

What are you guys putting as the disasters most likely to be experienced in our community? The Red Cross website marks Utah as most likely to be impacted by earthquakes, wildfires, and winter storms, so I can start with those, although there's room on the paper to put a fourth option. What do you guys think?

On the backpack emergency cards, it has a place to write a school pick up password. I don't understand that--I understand having a family password (I've used the family password, having a friend use it to pick up my kids once), but why are we supposed to write that down? My kids range in age from 3 to 9, so when they're at school, the backpacks are accessible to anyone who walks into their classroom and which means anyone could get in them and read the password, tell my kids it, and in theory, convince them to go with them. And I know that doesn't seem likely...but does writing it down really help keep them safe?

For the Emergency Folder we're supposed to have for you put the originals in there? Or just make copies and keep the originals in a safe or something?

On the Family Communications Plan page, it says to put copies in your purse, briefcase, car, office, and disaster kit...but it also has you fill out your entire family's SSN. I could see having that info in my disaster kit, but if I have that in my purse or car and it gets stolen...then someone just accessed all of our SSN. I'm thinking about making a copy without the SSN on it to put in my purse, car, etc. and having one with the SSN in my disaster kit. Is that sufficient?

The Family Communications Plan also asks about a regional meeting there a designated regional meeting place for Springville?

Emergency Preparedness Leadership (Springcreek South Stake)

Such good questions Adrienne! Thanks for asking, and not dumb at all. By way of intro, Hi! I'm Amber, Stake E-Prep Coordinator.

  1. For likely disasters, you can certainly put what you find regionally - the one Red Cross listed are great. Another way to consider would be to think of what disruptions would be particularly challenging for your family. It's been easier for me to consider "Disruptions" rather than disasters. For example, no electricity, contaminated water, no plumbing, and a personal financial crisis (main provider lost a job, for example) are all things that I consider.

  2. For the Pickup Password on the Emergency Card, I'm with you - if your kids are old enough to remember, that is definitely the better option!

  3. I make copies for the folder. We keep originals in a fireproof safe box (we also keep it unlocked so we don't accidentally lock ourselves out and it sits on a really high shelf in our closet that is pretty inconspicuous). For us, we actually have the fireproof box on our list of things to grab if we need to evacuate and can drive becuase it's small enough to take with us.

  4. The real intent for a communications plan is to know how to get connected with your family during a disaster and have the information you need to get critical things done. As I'm sure you already know, the plan is to help you know addresses/numbers/details if you don't have the convenience of internet/maps/speed dial/etc. Having family information detailed (including SSN) may help you if you are needing to use a government resource to find a family member (using the Red Cross's "Safe and Well" resource, for example). That said though, if you don't think your purse/vehicle is safe enough to keep SSN's, then I wouldn't include that information on the card. I would think of another way to have access to that info (a secure note on your phone? Memorization? etc.!)

  5. There is no government-designated meeting place for Springville or the County becuase they can't know what sites will be safe/operable after a disaster. Think of your family's meeting places as "Plan A, B, and C". Plan A is your neighborhood meeting place, Plan B is your Regional Meeting place (you would use if your neighborhood was damaged), and Plan C may be and secondary place if your original regional meeting place was out of commission. Also, just in case, on the commincations plan it has a place for the evacuation location for workplaces, schools, etc. These places generally have a plan that clearly states what their designated evacuation point is. Schools will definitely have this. Reach out to the office and ask what it is so you know where to find your family members in the case of an emergency.

That was a long response that I hope was helpful, and please keep the questions coming! We love that you are pursuing preparedness for your family.

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