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72 Hour Kits

There are thousand right ways to build a 72 hour kit, and many of them aren't expensive or time consuming to build. As you begin building yours, keep the following things in mind: 

What is essential for my survival for 3 days? (Water, food, heat, and shelter are a good place to start)

What are my unique circumstances and needs? (any mobility limitations? Pets? Babies? Medications?)

Below is a basic list of suggested items for a 72 hour kit. This list should give you a good starting place, but is certainly not universal or exhaustive. Get creative and build what works for you! Remember, your kit should be portable, so putting it in a backpack or having a wagon or similar to carry it is important. 

Basic Kit

Water -                                                                      Food -                                       Protection -

               Water bottle 16oz (4)                                         Protein Bars (6)                    Rain Poncho   

               Aqua Tabs (6) water purification tabs               Granola Bars 6)                    Emergency blanket

                                                                                            Trail Mix (6)

                                                                                            Life Savers Candy             


Fuel & Light -                                                         Personal Supplies -

               Flashlight and batteries                                     Hand Sanitizer

               Waterproof matches in case                              Toilet Paper

               Lighter                                                                  Moist towelettes (10)

                                                                                             Garbage bag (2) Heavy Duty for toilet waste

                                                                                             Garbage bag regular (5)


Equipment -                                          Clothing –                                  Other –

               Whistle                                             Long sleeved shirt                  Medications

               Face mask (2)                                   Pants                                        Important family documents (hard copies or on flash drive)

               N95 Mask                                          Underwear                             Books/Games/Puzzles

               Pen & Paper                                      Socks (2)                                 Phone Charger    

               Local Maps                                        Jacket                                     Feminine Supplies

                                                                                                                           Personal hygiene

                                                                                                                           Baby and/or Pet Supplies as needed    



 If you want to go above and beyond... 

Water -

               Water Purifier

Protection -

               Tube tent

               Paracord 50'

Communication -

               Hand Crank radio - with USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your phone

Fuel & Light -

               Solar Flashlight with USB-A and USB-B ports to charge your phone

Equipment -


               Duct Tape


               First Aid Kit

YOu can purchase a 72 HOur KIT or individual supplies
with the following resources

Springcreek South Stake 72 Kit BUILD: 
Download Order Form Here

Orders Due September 22, 2024


Kits available for pick Up October 24, 2024

Visit our amazon LIST for ideas on items to purchase

Note that Amazon isn't always the best or cheapest place to buy. See all 72 hour kit items and you can either order on Amazon or begin comparing with other vendors. Click Here to see the list! 

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