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This Program is designed to break down the overwhelming task of Emergency Preparedness into manageable groups/tasks that constitute a level of certification. There are three levels of certification, each one advancing you toward greater emergency preparedness. Level 1 is designed to be attainable by everyone within a reasonable amount of time. It focuses on preparing you with the most basic disaster preparedness. Including a family communications plan, fire escape plan, and more. Choosing one item to focus on during an FHE or other designated time each month can be a good strategy to accomplish this certification. Levels 2 and 3 include more complete preparedness goals including first aid certification and important documents. Careful planning and some sacrifice may be required to achieve all of these requirements, but sacrifice and diligence will undoubtedly bring peace to your family. When you or your family have completed all of the requirements for a particular level of certification, please fill out the google form or contact your Ward Emergency Preparedness Specialist who will fill out the google form for you. *Disclaimer* Spring Creek South Stake does not support or endorse any video, page or product associated with the attachments in this program.

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